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Accountability Program

Accountability Program

Accountability Weight ManagementProgram and may include + Injections + Meds


Pay In Full 3 month program* Auto Renew*


This Program will includes:

✔ 30% Off any additional Services

✔ One (1) Bloodwork – Comprehensive Panel, Office Visit and Lab Review

✔Three (1) Body Compositing each month

✔ Full Access to the HNWRX Workout & Nutrition App

✔ Tracking & Reports

✔ Six (1) Bi-Weekly in-office or zoom consult

✔ Twelve (1) Weekly weight loss injection

✔ Three (1) Monthly Vit. B 12 injection 

✔Three (1) Monthly Vit. D injection

✔Three (1) Monthly Vit. C injection

✔ Monthly Plan (Updates every 4 weeks)

✔ Customized Home & Gym Workout Programs

✔ Video Demonstrations for every Exercise

✔ Personalized Meal Plan

✔Range of diet options

✔ Complete Shopping List

✔ Text Support & More


Add-ons and possible prescriptions, supplements and peptides medications TBD after lab review:

Program may include: 

Supplements: Brain Booster, Anti-inflammatory, Sleep Support.

Peptides: NAD+, Semaglutide, Contact  your healthcare provider for more information. 

Medications RX only: Phentermine, Spironolactone. Contact your healthcare provider for more information. 


Agreement Terms & Pricing:

(Quarterly $899) plus add on and medications 


We have top personal trainers assigned to each patient to match their training style, fitness level and experience.  Your dedicated Trainer can custom workouts and nutrition plans to include your meal prep, supplements and more to guide you in reaching your personal goals.